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Municipal Law Enforcement

The Municipal Law Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of a number of the Town's regulatory by-laws. Standards for the maintenance of private property by-law, being the maintenance and upkeep of property, both exterior and interior (rental). The Zoning By-law that prescribes the legal use of property. Both of these by-laws are enforced by complaint only. Other by-laws that the Town is actively involved with are: Parking, Sign, and Noise by-laws. For further information contact us at (905) 476-4301 or (705) 437-2210, ext. 2279 or 2373. This division also oversees the municipal school crossing guards as well as the Animal Control & Adoption Centre.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Town of Georgina Municipal By-laws prohibit any person from:

- Parking on any highway under the Town's authority from: November 15 through April 15 between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. (unless otherwise posted)
- Parking over any portion of a sidewalk or footpath (year-round)
- Parking on the driveway with vehicle overhanging any portion of the roadway (year-round)
- Parking for a period in excess of 3 hours (year-round, unless otherwise posted)
- Depositing snow or ice on a highway, sidewalk, or untraveled portion of a highway

Co-operation in complying with these restrictions would be greatly appreciated.

Primary Division Contacts
Title Contact Additional
Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement, C.M.L.E.O. Ryan Cronsberry Contact Info
Ext. 2288
Animal Control Supervisor Jennifer Jagodics Contact Info
(905) 476-3457
By-law Secretary (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2279
By-law Clerk (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2373
Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2273, 2288
Parking Control Officers (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2281
Weed Inspector (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2279
Crossing Guards (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2279