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Georgina Accessibility Advisory Committee

Our Mission

The Georgina Accessibility Advisory Committee for persons with disabilities is dedicated to identifying and advising of barriers and providing recommendations to promote a barrier-free community for all persons.

Public Input

The Town's Website details some of the preliminary work being done by the Committee and will be updated periodically. A public information program is under development. The Committee welcomes input from the community in this very important work. Please feel free to e-mail the Committee with any issues, concerns or comments with regard to accessibility within the Town.

Committee Members
Members Councillor Dave Harding & Councillor Dave Neeson
Phyllis Baines
Cindy Clarke
Dale Genge
Robert McGill
Annette Piggott
Lorie Ross
Gordon Wallace

Agendas and Minutes
Access Ontario
What's New

Contact Information

For committee information, please contact the Committee Services Coordinator via email