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Grading Permits in New Subdivisions (Under construction or un-assumed)

If the grading deposit has not been released, the Town of Georgina requires confirmation from the builder and the home owner that the existing grading deposit will include the proposed work.


If the above is not feasible, the Town of Georgina will require a letter from the home owner confirming that they accept responsibility for the final lot grading requirements and $2,500.00 grading deposit from the home owner. The builders grading deposit will be released upon receipt of deposit from the home owner.

In the case of a pool permit, the pool company drawing may be accepted provided that the developer's consultant has reviewed the plan in conjunction with the approved plot plan grading and has stamped same approved.

All grading permits applied for in un-assumed subdivisions will require the consulting engineers stamp.

The final lot grading certificate shall be provided by the consulting engineer prior to this departments final inspection and deposit release.

***It is permissible to give a copy of the approved plot plan to the home owner for their use.***