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Department of Operations and Engineering

The Department of Operations and Engineering is responsible for road construction and maintenance, snow removal on the roads and sidewalks, traffic control, sidewalk construction and maintenance, streetlights, sanitary sewer collection system, water distribution system and the maintenance of all parks and facilities including the Sutton Arena, the Georgina Ice Palace and The Roc. This department is also responsible for the mosquito control program, as well as, dealing with all matters relating to engineering, subdivision and site plan development, plan review and agreement preparation, site alteration, local sidewalks, waste management and waste recycling programs, including the blue box and green bin programs and user pay garbage collection program.

This department is headed by the Director of Operations and Engineering. The divisions are managed by the Operations Manager, Engineering Manager, Parks and Facilities Manager, The Roc Manager along with the assistance of the Road Superintendent, Belhaven Roads Yard Foreperson, Egypt Roads Yard Foreperson, the Water/Wastewater Supervisor, Sutton Arena Manager, Georgina Ice Palace Manager and a team of dedicated staff.

The York Region Waste Transfer Station and Household Hazardous Waste Deport for Georgina is located at 23068 Warden Avenue, north of Ravenshoe Road in Keswick and may be contacted by telephone at 905-476-7555.

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By-law 2011-0044 (REG-1) requires that all fill material comply with Table 1 or Table 2 standards under the Ministry of Environment's Soil, Ground Water and Sediment Standards For Use Under Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act, April 15, 2011. A copy of the tables can be found by clicking on the above link. Please note, Table 1 standards are required for fill volumes less than 2000m3 and Table 2 standards required where fill volumes exceed 2000m3.

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Primary Department Contacts
Title Contact Additional
Director of Operations and Engineering Dan Pisani Contact Info
Administrative Asstistant to the Director of Operations & Engineering Heather Young Contact Info
Engineering Manager Michael Baskerville Contact Info
Capital Project Manager Robert Fortier Contact Info
Parks & Facilities Manager Dan Murnaghan Contact Info
Infrastructure & Operations Manager Gagan Sandhu Contact Info