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Engineering Division

This division is responsible for design and construction services, infrastructure analysis and planning, lot grading and filling, subdivision and site plan development, overseeing the mosquito control program, well as dealing with all matters relating to municipal civil engineering.

Notice Of Public Meetings
Meeting Date Files
  • Notice of Public Meeting - To Permit the Construction of Two Multi Storey Residential/Condominium Buildings (Phase 1) Commonly reffered to as Crates Landing
  • 2014-04-09
  • Notice of Public Meeting Concerning an Application for Approval of a Site Alteration Permit.
    Application Number: SA-2012-04

  • Notice of Applications
    Notice of Applications
  • Notice of Application - Site Plan Application Slate Master Holdco Ltd., c/o Conor McBroom
  • Site Plan Application 2241439 Ontario Limited, 8 and 12 O'Connor St., Lake Drive., Grew Blvd., Jackson's Point.

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    Primary Division Contacts
    Title Contact Additional
    Engineering Manager Michael Baskerville Contact Info
    Engineering Secretary (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2231
    Civil Technologists (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2226, 2227
    Civil Technician (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6518, (705) 437-2210 Ext. 2228