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Locations and Communities within the Town of Georgina

The following is a listing of localities and communities within the Town of Georgina which over the years have merged with the larger communities but still remain distinct landmarks, and retain their unique and interesting history.

Baldwin, Balfour Beach, Belhaven, Beverly Hills, Beverly Isles, Briar's Park, Brighton Beach, Brown Hill, Cedar Brae (south of Jackson's Point), Cedarbrae (south of Egypt), Claredon Beach, Craigmawr Beach, Crescent Beach, Cryderman, Doyle Beach, Duclos Point, Eastbourne, Egypt, Elmhurst Beach, Elmgrove, Franklin Beach, Filey Beach, Glenwood Beach, Holmes Point, Homesville, Indianola Beach, Island Grove, Islandview Beach, Jackson's Point, Jersey, Keswick Beach, Maskinonge Park, McCrae Beach, Miami Beach, Moore's Beach, Mossington Park, Mossington Point, Mount Pleasant, North Gwillimbury, Orchard Beach, Orchard Grove, Paradise Beach, Pefferlaw, Pine Beach, Port Bolster, Port Bolster Beach, Roche's Point, Riverview Beach, Royal Beach, Sibbald Point, Sedores Beach, Sunkist Beach, Sunset Beach, Sutton West, Vachell, Virgina, Virgina Beach, Willow Beach, Wynhurst Beach, South Wynhurst, Udora, and Young's Harbour.