Back to school safety

Summer is winding down and the kids head back to school next week. It’s an exciting time for everyone – students, teachers and families. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are reminded to be extra cautious during this busy time of year when students might be distracted and eager to get back into the classroom.

Reminders for motorists:

  • Obey posted speed limits
  • Be alert and slow down for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Speeding or passing school buses may result in costly fines, and higher penalties in community safety zones

Reminders for pedestrians and cyclists:

  • Take extra care to be visible to motorists
  • Always be safe and look all ways before crossing
  • Use bicycle lights and wear bright-coloured clothing when walking, jogging or playing at night

Obey school crossing guards

Crossing guards work every school day to make sure children arrive safely at school. Did you know all vehicles must come to a complete stop when directed to by a school crossing guard displaying a stop sign? Vehicles must remain fully stopped until all persons have left the roadway, including the crossing guard. Any violation is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act.

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