Be flood safe – tips and reminders

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Heavy rainfall has caused localized flooding in some areas. Here are some reminders on staying flood safe:

  • Watercourses will be flowing higher than normal causing streams and rivers to become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts and bridges. Children and pets should stay away from all watercourses.
  • Keep ditches, culverts, drains and catch basins free of any debris to prevent possible flooding.
  • Be mindful of road closures and adhere to detour signs should there be water over the road.
  • At home, check your sump pump regularly to ensure it is working properly. Make sure your pump is discharging at a high point on your lawn to ensure it does not redirect back into your basement. It is advisable to have a backflow preventer on your sump pump discharge line.
  • If you experience flooding in your basement, be mindful of electrical hazards that may be present.
  • If you have sustained personal property damage please contact your insurance company.
  • After flooding, well owners should take action to make sure their water supply is safe for consumption. See these tips from Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
  • Be prepared. York Region’s Emergency Preparedness Guide advises how to keep your family safe during a number of emergency events, including flooding.
  • Follow the Town’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and check the website for updates.