Canada Day activities and fireworks

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Are you ready for Canada Day? The Town has lots of fun activities, crafts, games and more for you and your family to enjoy at home. Upcycle those old white t-shirts and give them some Canada Day flare with our five-minute Tie-dye DIY tutorial. Try out our mango salsa recipe for a cool summer or Canada Day snack. Get crafty creating a unique Canada flag for your Canada Day celebration. Visit for a full list of things to do.

On July 1, at 10 p.m. local time, thousands of Canadians will be dazzled by the Tim Hortons Canada Day virtual fireworks. Wherever you are in the country, point your smart phone or tablet at the sky and enjoy this 3D fireworks show. This fun and innovative experience will make you feel as if you were there.

Residents are reminded they can set off fireworks without a licence on Victoria Day and Canada Day only, as well as the day before and after each of these holidays. A licence is needed to set off fireworks on any other day of the year. Remember to carefully read and follow the label directions on fireworks’ packaging. It is against the Town’s by-law to set off fireworks in Town parks/amenities. Remember to follow the COVID-19 provincial guidelines. For more, visit