Georgina and East Gwillimbury receive provincial funding for joint fire services assessment

The Town of Georgina and the Town of East Gwillimbury have received $356,160 to complete a joint fire services assessment. The money was received under intake 3 of the Province of Ontario’s Municipal Modernization Program and will allow for a third-party review providing recommendations for improving fire service effectiveness and efficiencies. The funding will go towards updating current Fire Master Plans as it relates to community growth, considering joint efficiencies and potentially a joint fire service. These recommendations would be delivered by January 2023.

“This is wonderful news for both communities,” said Georgina Mayor Margaret Quirk. “As both municipalities will see significant growth in the coming years, the Town partnered with East Gwillimbury on a joint application to support a review of fire and emergency services. Though municipalities continue to face challenges as it relates to COVID-19, there are also opportunities to improve services and look at new ways of delivering service to better serve our residents. We appreciate the support from the Province of Ontario and our MPP Caroline Mulroney.”

“As our communities grow, it is important to explore how services are delivered and how processes can be improved,” said East Gwillimbury Mayor, Virginia Hackson. ”I’m proud of the Emergency Services both municipalities deliver to the community and I’m confident that through this process, we can find further opportunities to find even better ways to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional programs and services to our communities.”

The Municipal Modernization Program, introduced in 2019, helps municipalities’ improve services for residents and businesses. The projects selected for funding will further support municipalities’ efforts to implement efficiencies, with a focus on digital modernization, service integration, streamlining development approvals and alternative service delivery. The program is open to Ontario's 405 small and rural municipalities to help them find better, more efficient ways to operate and serve their communities.

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