Georgina receives funding to support agri-tourism

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The Town of Georgina has received $15,000 through a partnership with Central Counties Tourism (CCT) to grow the Town’s agri-tourism events between May and October 2021. Funding will go towards a multi-event project, Grown in Georgina, that encourages collaboration and tourism partnership building, and promotes local exploration of agri-businesses. The project includes a number of events including the Georgina Farmers’ Market, the Field to Table farm tour and Taste of Georgina.

“This is great news for Georgina’s agri-business community. It allows the Town to further build on its established events, which encourage the public to celebrate and support all local businesses,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk. “With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, it is important to shop and enjoy local businesses through safe agri-tourism to support economic recovery.”

The funding will help the Town promote the events with more signage, videos and other traditional and online advertising. The Field to Table farm tour and Taste of Georgina event, which are both still building awareness, will benefit from the additional promotion this partnership with CCT will bring.

All events have established a COVID-19 Safety Plan, outlining how physical distancing and occupancy limits will be adhered to, how hygiene and cleaning requirements will be met, and how attendance will be tracked for contact tracing purposes. All of the events have a contingency plan should they need to pivot due to increased public health restrictions.

The partner, CCT, is a regional tourism organization developed by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and funded by the Ontario Government, which works closely with the Town. Its Partnership Program addresses the hospitality and tourism industry’s immediate concerns by supporting businesses and organizations working to keep the industry engaged.

To learn more about what the Town is doing to support agriculture and agri-tourism, visit All Town initiatives will go ahead based on the current COVID-19 provincial guidelines and protocols.