Georgina Strategic Plan 2019-2023

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Did you know Georgina has a new strategic plan? On May 29, 2019, Council endorsed the Town’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.
It lays out a vision and mission for the organization, as well as four priorities:

Grow our economy

  • Increase employment and investment
  • Improve both transportation and broadband connectivity
  • Promote Town identity

Promote a high quality of life

  • Build a healthy, safe and accessible community
  • Promote responsible growth

Engage our community and build partnerships

  • Establish and strengthen partnerships
  • Engage our community

Deliver exceptional services

  • Ensure exceptional service delivery
  • Manage our finances and assets proactively
  • Support staff development and excellence

Within these priority areas, there are 39 specific actions that will be undertaken over the next four years. These actions are prioritized through the annual business planning and budget process. Progress will be reported on an annual basis.

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