Keys for public tap at Black River Rd. and Park Rd. available Oct. 18

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The Town of Georgina is closing three of its four public water taps effective the week of Oct. 18. The taps are being closed due to concerns related to potential backflow and contamination from commercial users who are not permitted to use the taps. Concerns have been reported by both residents and staff. The taps are unmetered and uncontrolled and there is the potential for contaminations of the system through backflow of non-potable water which is a public safety concern. Read the Media Release

One public tap, located at Black River and Park Road, will be left open. It is in the process of being retrofitted with appropriate backflow prevention to protect the water system. Security cameras are being installed along with a key-access system. Starting Oct. 18, residents can obtain their keys to access the public tap at Black River Road and Park Road. Keys can be picked up at the Environmental Services Yard at 26817 Civic Centre Rd. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. The keys will have a sign out deposit fee of $20 cash which is refunded once the key is returned. The key will not be required to be returned after each use should the resident be a frequent user of the tap and want to keep it until the long term solution is put in place.

This tap location will be enclosed, and a key will be required to access beginning Oct. 25. Questions regarding access keys can be directed to 905-476-3457, x3924.

The other three taps will be turned off Monday, Oct. 18

Visit the water and wastewater page for more.