LSRCA - Shoreline hazard watch

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The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority advises that rainfall and winds are forecast for today and through the weekend. This is posing a risk of flooding along the Lake Simcoe shorelines and other low-lying and historically flood prone areas within the watershed. Reports of ice pile-up have been received in Innisfil. 

Periods of rain are expected today and through the weekend. 

Lake Simcoe Water Level 

The water levels in Lake Simcoe are below average for this time of year. However, they may rise in response to the precipitation and inflows from rivers and streams within the system. Currently the lake levels are approximately five5 centimetres lower than average for this time of year. The remaining ice on the lake may also pose additional threats to shoreline areas and adjacent structures, particularly if combined with strong winds. 

The current wind forecast indicates for today the north winds in a range of 15 km/hr with the wind gusts up to 23 km/hr. Similar strength and wind pattern is expected to continue into the weekend.  

The risk of flooding adjacent to the lake continues to exist in low-lying areas due to impacts of wind action, rain/ice and continued flows in the system. 

Water Safety 

Please exercise extreme caution around all bodies of water and stay off all ice covered waterways. Please alert any children under your care to stay away from all watercourses and other bodies of water, and supervise their activities. 

Residents, especially in the historically flood-prone areas, are advised to take necessary precautions to protect themselves, their pets and property.  

This Shoreline Hazard Watch will be in effect through Wednesday March 31, 2021, or until otherwise updated. 

For further information, contact duty officer Kenneth Cheney at 905-895-1281/