Maple Lake Estates Update - Nov. 30, 2018

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At a Closed Special Council Meeting on Monday, November 26, Council received a verbal report from the Town Solicitor, Andrew Biggart regarding legal advice associated with the Maple Lakes Estates lands. As a result, the following resolution of Council was carried. The undertaking supplied by Maple Lake Estates Solicitor is also included below.

RESOLUTION NO. C-2018-0527

That Council receive the verbal report regarding Maple Lake Estates verbal update on legal matters by the Town Solicitor with respect to receipt of a satisfactory undertaking supplied by Maple Lake Estates;

And that the Town Solicitor is further instructed that should any violation of the undertaking occur, to move forward with legal action to seek a court imposed injunction.


Maple Lake Estates Solicitor Response

My client is prepared to amend the undertaking I gave you below on the following basis.

Without prejudice to our legal position, our clients agree not to cut any trees on site, without providing your firm with 15 (fifteen) days written notice. This is more than sufficient notice to enable you to bring your injunction, if you deem necessary, upon receiving notice. If the town insists on proceeding with an emergency injunction motion despite this more than reasonable undertaking, we will rely on this correspondence in court and seek our costs for having to prepare and attend.


For more information please visit the dedicated Maple Lake Estates webpage.