Patio program supports local restaurants during the pandemic

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Once again, dining establishments throughout Georgina will be allowed to build new temporary patios or expand existing ones on a temporary basis for the upcoming patio season. Council recently approved extending the Town’s Temporary Patio Program.

“The Temporary Patio Program is just one of the ways the Town is helping businesses recover after being hit hard by lockdown restrictions,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk. “Many of our dining establishments depend on the busy patio season, and the extension of this program will help to ensure they can continue to take advantage of supports that are available to them while also providing an opportunity for patrons to further enjoy their services.”

Council originally approved the Temporary Patio Program in June 2020 to assist local dining establishments in covering the loss in revenue from pandemic closures, with nine restaurants taking advantage of the program. At the end of the year, participants were surveyed and reported the program helped them remain open during public health’s indoor dining restrictions over the summer and fall months.

In addition to the Temporary Patio Program's extension and to enhance recovery efforts, Council also approved a new stream to the COVID-19 Community Improvement Plan Program for businesses in designated historic downtown Business Improvement Areas. The new Patio Grant Program reimburses eligible businesses up to $2,000 to help establish or expand their outdoor dining areas.

The Town will use the insights from participating businesses to help lay the foundation for a permanent patio program to further support economic recovery.

All restaurants interested in the Temporary Patio Program for 2021 are required to submit a new application (no fee required). Upon submission, staff will review the application within three-to-five business days and advise the applicant of approval and/or required revisions necessary.

To learn more, review guidelines and apply online, visit