Scam Alert: Magazine & Advertising Fraud Targeting Fire Service

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Georgina Fire has been made aware of three frauds targeting the Ontario fire service. Please review the warnings below so you do not become a victim.

  1. An individual is selling advertising space in a fire safety education magazine, The Ontario Firefighters’ Safety Gazette. This individual has no association or affiliation with the Ontario fire service.
  2. An individual is selling advertising space in a magazine, Provincial Fire Fighters Magazine. This individual is using another publishing company's name and HST number on its invoices without permission. The rightful owner of this HST number has been notified of this illegal activity.
  3. An individual is selling tickets to an event under the guise that he represents a branch of the Ontario fire service. He is requesting personal credit card information. After processing the transactions, additional unauthorized transactions are made on the credit card.

There are measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Search the internet to verify existence of the organization the individual claims to represent.
  • Research the address on the invoice.
  • Request a copy of the letter of authorization from the organization the individual claims to represent.
  • Contact the organization directly from which the individual claims they represent.
  • Request verification of the company’s HST number by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Use extreme caution when giving credit card information over the telephone.

If you believe you have become a victim of these frauds, please take the following actions:

  • Notify your financial institution or credit card company.
  • Demand your money refunded or cheque returned.
  • File a complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario:
  • Notify the organization the individual claims to represent.
  • Notify your local police.
  • Notify your local MPP.

The police, provincial government officials and the CRA have been notified of these issues and will continue to monitor them. If you have come in contact with any of the above organizations or scams, please advise the OAFC office by email to