Temporary road closure – Queensway North culvert

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The culvert on the Queensway North between Old Homestead Road and Church Street will be closed until the fall of 2019 for the installation of new storm and sanitary sewers, watermains and the replacement of the existing culvert. The culvert replacement will allow for the widening of the Queensway North to a two-way road, as well as increase pedestrian access crossing the culvert.

This project is a great example of how collaborating with developers, the Town can create cost savings and get work done faster. This work is part of the new Treasure Hill development. The servicing upgrade costs for the subdivision works are paid for by the developer. The new culvert replacement is paid for by the Town as part of the ongoing maintenance program that was approved by Council in 2018.

Please note, Keswick Gardens Retirement Home is accessible from the south entrance only, off Church Street. 

The Town thanks residents for their patience during this construction.

For areas affected and alternative routes, see the detour map.