Town approves new outdoor amenities for Pefferlaw

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The Town of Georgina is moving forward with new outdoor amenities for the community of Pefferlaw. As a result of the Pefferlaw Recreation Needs Study, Council has approved a new combined skate and pump park, an outdoor sports zone on the Pefferlaw Ice Pad (PIP) for use outside the winter season, improve and enhance existing pathway connections and park amenities and a community garden. The new amenities will be on the grounds of Pefferlaw Park at 38 Pete’s Lane.

“The goal of the Pefferlaw Recreation Needs Study was to determine what kind of outdoor amenities were needed in Pefferlaw for families and especially, for young people,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk. “As a growing community, we are committed to supporting our resident’s health and active lifestyles. The skate and pump park, outdoor sports zone, improvements to outdoor trails and park amenities, as well as creating a community garden will contribute to creating recreational opportunities for all residents. I would also like to thank Ward 5 Councillor Dave Harding for his commitment and dedication in bringing these exciting new amenities to Pefferlaw.”

The Pefferlaw Recreation Needs Study was done in the fall of 2021. It consisted of two online surveys and one in-person consultation at the Pefferlaw Lions Hall.

Skateboarding and BMX bikes have become increasingly popular with children, youth and young adults. Skateboard and pump parks are places where people can pursue those interests. Pefferlaw Park is an ideal location for the pump track and skate park as it is centrally located, highly visible and is frequently visited by young people.

The outdoor sports zone at the PIP is envisioned to be divided into three courts (during the non-winter season) offering tennis, basketball and pickleball for unlimited play with the flexibility to adapt to registered programs such as ball hockey. 

By expanding the existing pathways and park amenities, residents will continue to enjoy the great outdoors in addition to having an active walking/running loop created to introduce a circuit with the potential of adding in some fitness stations.

The community garden came about after Town staff were approached by the Pefferlaw Association of Ratepayers and the Georgina/Brock Garden Club. Community gardening is a not-for-profit activity benefiting the community and is a great way to help the community as it recovers from a two-year pandemic. All produce would be required to be taken home or donated to the community as a whole.

Council approved $1.4 million in capital funding for recreation improvements specific to the Ward 5 area through the 2022 budget deliberation.