Town to close public water taps

The Town of Georgina is closing three of its four public water taps effective the week of Oct. 18. The taps are being closed due to concerns related to potential backflow and contamination from commercial users who are not permitted to use the taps. Concerns have been reported by both residents and staff. The taps are unmetered and uncontrolled and there is the potential for contamination of the system through backflow of non-potable water which is a public safety concern.

One public tap, located at Black River and Park Road, will be left open. It is in the process of being retrofitted with appropriate backflow prevention to protect the water system. Security cameras are being installed along with a key-access system. Details of the key-access system will be communicated once finalized.

The Town owns and maintains four public water taps to supply treated municipal water to the public. They are located at:

  • Boyers Road (west of Pine Post Road)
  • Kennedy Road (North of Metro Road)
  • High Street (Sutton Cenotaph Park)
  • Black River Road (Black River Road at Park Road)

The Town also owns and operates one bulk water-filling station for commercial vehicles (tankers). The bulk water-filling station, located at the Environmental Services yard on Civic Centre Road, allows for automated, 24-hour access to potable water. Commercial users are required to purchase this water through a pay-for-use system accessed with a pre-paid PIN number card. The bulk water-filling station is fully protected with backflow prevention devices.

A needs assessment is underway to determine the long-term requirement for the public taps.

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