Town to update Zoning By-law 500 to align it with Official Plan

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The Town of Georgina is updating Zoning By-law No. 500 to align it with the Official Plan. This will involve a review of the existing zoning by-law regulations and mapping against the policies and land use designations in the Official Plan.

“Zoning by-laws are the main tool municipalities use to implement the policies of an official plan,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk. “One of the goals of this exercise is to ensure the community is aware of any potential changes to the zoning on their property. We recognize the importance and value of engaging our residents, and will work to ensure their feedback is acknowledged and considered.”

An extensive communications plan has been created and will include:

  • Responding to requests for additional information
  • Directly speaking with and addressing the concerns of property owners who may be impacted by changing zoning designations
  • Holding a public open house for the community to gain a greater understanding of the project
  • A dedicated project webpage
  • Social media
  • Print notices
  • Dedicated project email

Within three years after a revision to an official plan comes into effect, the Town is required under the Planning Act to amend all zoning by-laws in effect to ensure they conform to the policies and land use designations of the official plan. The project is currently in Phase I of II.

Phase I will review the zoning of lands within the rural countryside area. The rural countryside area includes all lands located outside of settlement areas. This is to ensure the mapping, permitted uses and regulations in the zoning by-law are updated to meet the standards established to protect environmental areas, and ensure the integrity of agricultural and rural areas as set out in the Town’s Official Plan. 

Phase II will look at the zoning of the remaining lands in Town that are within settlement areas as well as the general provisions for all zones. Settlement areas include the Urban Area (Keswick), towns and villages (Sutton/Jackson’s Point and Pefferlaw), hamlets, and the Lakeshore Residential Area. Phase II is proposed to begin in 2023.

Achieving conformity with an official plan is not only a legislative requirement of the Planning Act, but is also necessary to implement the Town’s overall vision to manage land use and growth. Zoning By-law No. 500 came into force and effect on July 7, 1994.

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