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The ROC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Operations at The ROC

What are the hours of operation?

You can find our regular operating hours and holiday hours.

What is the process for making snow at The ROC?

In order for us to make our own snow at The ROC, the temperatures cannot be higher than -3 degrees Celsius. Other factors also play a role in snow making such as humidity and wind direction. The colder the temperatures, the more water we can push through the snow guns. We pump a combination of water and air through the snow guns via a series of small nozzles to produce snow at The ROC. The amount of snow we make depends on temperatures, wind and humidity. The colder, dryer and calmer the weather, the better and easier we can make snow.

Where do we draw the water to make snow at The ROC?

We draw water from the pond across the ROC driveway to make snow. The water that fills the pond is drawn from Lake Simcoe. There are no additives or chemicals added to the water to enhance our snow making abilities. 

How much snow do we need to open the ROC hills?

We require at least 30 cm of snow to safely operate and groom the hills. 

How often do we groom the ROC hills?

The ROC hills need to be groomed every day we are open. Grooming starts around 4 a.m. and takes approximately six hours to fully complete.

How does the ROC lift work?

We station lift attendants at the top of the lift and at the bottom of the lift. The attendant at the top is a supervisor whose only mandate is the safe operation of the lift. The attendant at the bottom also has the ability to stop the lift but is there to answer any questions from the public, check for ROC passes and assist the public to get on the lift. During busier times, staff is doubled at the top and bottom of the lift for safety precautions.

Why do we stop the lift?

There are many reasons as to why The ROC lift can be stopped. Some of these reasons include, a person having trouble on the lift (loosing balance), horseplay, crowding on the lift, nervous riders or someone loosing grip of their tube, skis or snowboards. There are also multiple mechanical safety sensors built in to the lift that can stop it at any time due to safety concerns.

Who is the Technical Standards and Safety Authority and what is their role at The ROC?

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is responsible for providing an inspection as well as approval to operate the carpet lift at The ROC. The TSSA ensures that the carpet lift safely operates for riders.

How do I know what the conditions are like at The ROC?

Visitors can check our web cam to see what the conditions are like at The ROC. The web cam is updated hourly. The ROC reserves the right to close the winter operations due to poor weather conditions and/or required grooming to maintain safe sliding conditions.

Is the ROC accessible?

The ROC is accessible. We having the following measures in place to assist those with disabilities:

  • The parking lot is ground level
  • There are five accessible parking spots located in front of the ROC Chalet
  • We have sliding doors for easy access in and out of The ROC chalet
  • Public washrooms are accessible and private
  • Signage all throughout the property for easy way-finding around the grounds

If you require assistance, let us know and we will do our best to make sure you have an enjoyable experience at The ROC. 

ROC Season Passes

What can I do at The ROC?

During the cold months, The ROC is an amazing winter activity centre with tubing, skiing, skating, snowboarding, tobogganing and a beautiful chalet with great food and drinks.  The Tube and Terrain Park includes a four-lane snow tube hill offering thrills and spills for all ages. Test your skiing or snowboarding skills on the ramps, rails, bumps and jumps in the Terrain Park. Challenge the forces of gravity and don’t forget your helmet.  The ROC also offers free outdoor skating (weather permitting, unsupervised, use at own risk) and a free toboggan hill (unsupervised, use at own risk). There are no costs to use these areas at The ROC.

What does a ROC Season Pass include?

A ROC season pass gives you unlimited tubing, skiing and snowboarding all season long. 

Does a ROC Season Pass expire?

ROC season passes are valid per winter season only. 

Are ROC Season Passes refundable? 

All passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The Passholder must sign the Release Agreement and/or have their parent or guardian sign the Release Agreement on their behalf (If the Passholder is under 18 years of age). Season Passes are valid only on public operating dates/hours. The Passholder must be prepared to present their pass each time the lift is used. The Passholder is responsible to read, understand and abide by the "ROC Alpine/Tubing Responsibility Code". 

Upon the report of a lost or stolen Season Pass ID Card, the Passholder will receive one complimentary lift pass. Following this, the regular priced lift ticket will apply. The replacement cost of lost stolen or damaged passes is $5. Should a "forgotten" pass be found on a person other than the Passholder, the pass will be revoked and trespassing charges will be issued.

What other perks does a ROC Season Pass include?

Did you know a ROC season pass gives you discounts at six different resorts in Ontario? Show your ROC Season Pass and receive up to 50 per cent off your lift ticket and major discounts at all the resorts listed below. Check with the specific resort for their special offer to ROC members.

Do residents get discounts at The ROC?

Yes, if you are a Town of Georgina resident? Provide valid photo ID showing proof of address and receive 20 per cent off your tube, lift ticket or season pass at The ROC. 

Where can I get a ROC Season Pass?

You can register for your pass online or in person at the Georgina Leisure Pool, Stephen Leacock Theatre, Georgina Civic Centre, or the Georgina Gym. You can also call 905-476-4301.

Does YRT offer service to the ROC?

Travel to The ROC with YRT at no additional charge. Just show your ROC Season Pass or ROC employee ID to the bus operator as proof of payment. Just show your ROC Season Pass to the bus operator as proof of payment.

Weekday - Mobility-on-Request will service the ROC on Weekdays. https://www.yrt.ca/en/our-services/mobility-on-request-north-2.aspx

Weekend and Holidays - Route 50 - Queensway will provide weekend service to The ROC until 1 p.m. Trips will service The ROC upon request only. Passengers are required to notify the bus operator upon boarding. After 1 p.m., customers are required to call 1-844-667-5327 to request the next available Route 50 trip to The ROC. Customers must call at least 60 minutes in advance of their trip.

Have a question or inquiry?

If you have any further questions, call 905-476-4301 or email eleisure@georgina.ca Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also visit our website at www.georginaroc.ca for more detailed information.

You can also call The ROC directly at 905-476-8834 ext. 3221 or email georginaroc@georgina.ca during regular business hours. 

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