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The Town of Georgina has designated over 500 acres for the Keswick Business Park. This proposal constitutes the 1st phase of the Business Park and is comprised of 266 acres located at the north east corner of Woodbine Avenue and Glenwoods Avenue. The approved plan of subdivision will consist of draft (14) industrial blocks, two storm water management ponds, a pumping station and a greenlands block with associated buffers along the Maskinonge River. The zoning by-law to permit a range of office, industrial and ancillary commercial uses was also approved in 2016. The property owner is currently in the process of fulfilling the conditions of draft plan approval. Once the conditions are fulfilled the plan of subdivision can be registered and blocks or portions thereof sold to individual land owners.

Keswick Secondary Plan Documents

Pre-Servicing (Earthworks) Agreement for Keswick Business Park

Council approved an application received from Glenwoods Gateway Investments Inc., owner of lands located at the northeast corner of Glenwoods Avenue and Woodbine Avenue to begin earthworks on the property. The first step will be to prepare the site for the receipt of fill and grading of the site in order to ensure for proper drainage of lands that are intended to be the first phase of development within the Keswick Business Park. 

Report DS-2018-0093 outlines the details of the Earthwork Agreement.

The business park will assist the Town in becoming a more balanced and sustainable community by providing a greater variety of local job opportunities. With Hwy 404 now extended to Georgina’s southerly border, The Keswick Business Park will provide the Town’s most significant and marketable inventory of serviced lands to attract businesses to the Municipality. 

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