Business Foundations 2024: Mastering Messaging and Sales

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Woman presenting in front of people's hands clapping with the words Mastering messaging and sales Tuesday July 23 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Business Foundations

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Mastering Messaging and Sales

Do you know how to get leads and more customers?  How do you attract those top raving fans, those high-quality people into your business? 

Attracting high-quality customers is an important part of starting and growing a business, especially in an already crowded market. It’s as much about mindset as it is about strategy. This workshop will give you the formula to grow your business while attracting a steady flow of customers.

This workshop aims to cover the following topics:

  • Define and attract your true raving fan “dream clients”
  • Create the perfect offers that those dream clients can’t wait to buy
  •  Market and sell those offers with confidence and ease