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Seniors Recreation Programs and Club 55 Memberships

Please note that our Club 55 locations are currently closed due to COVID-19. You can find current program opportunities for older adults on our Registration page. 

Notice of program cancellations and facility closures amid COVID-19


Club 55 is the Town of Georgina’s Senior focussed active programming centre.  We currently have three locations in Georgina to serve those who are 55+ with activities and social events, including dances, outings, get-togethers, cards, games and so much more!  For a full listing of the services we offer, please check out our monthly newsletter available in hard copy at Club 55 Keswick and by email to our members. 


Club 55 Keswick - 130 Gwendolyn Blvd., Keswick, ON  L4P 3W8  Phone: 905-476-9972
Club 55 Sutton - 1 Market St., Sutton, ON  L0E 1R0  Phone: 905-722-9508
Club 55 Pefferlaw - Pefferlaw Lion’s Community Centre, 38 Pete’s Lane, Pefferlaw, ON  L0E 1N0  Phone: 905-476-9972


Membership to Club 55 is easy and affordable.  It gives you great advantages to discounts on outings, lunches and drop-in programs. 

  • An annual membership for residents is $20.00+HST (*$22.60) and runs from January 1 to December 31 of that year. 
  • An annual membership purchased after July 1 is reduced to $10.00+ HST (*$11.30) for the remainder of the year. 
  • Sutton Seniors ONLY Memberships (Membership only to Club 55 Sutton) is $10.00 (no HST)

For more information, or to request a Meet-and-Greet opportunity at Club 55 Keswick, please call 905-476-9972 or email the Seniors Recreation Programmer, Katherine Squires at

Georgina's Recreation Opportunities

Outside of Club 55, Georgina also offers a number of other recreation opportunities for the 55+ age group. Check out Registration page for details.