Plumbing and Heating

The installation of plumbing is regulated by Part 7 of Ontario's Building Code and Town of Georgina Building By-law. Before any plumbing work starts, a permit must be obtained. 

  • A plumbing permit is required for all new installations of plumbing and the replacement of any part of an existing plumbing system
  • Mechanical work on all buildings includes work on heating and ventilation systems, including bath vents and woodstoves
  • No part of an installation may be covered until an inspection is done and approved by the inspector

What projects require a permit?

  • The construction of plumbing in a new building
  • The construction of new plumbing in an existing building
  • The alteration of existing plumbing
  • The repair or replacement of existing plumbing except for minor repairs of existing fixtures
  • Installation or alteration of any part of a heating system that must be vented into a chimney
  • Installation of a woodstove, fireplace insert, pellet stove and related chimney and venting
  • Installation of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, dryer exhausts and other appliances that are required to be vented

Building permit application requirements

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