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An on-site sewage (septic) system permit is required for the installation, alteration or repair of any part of a septic system. If a building is served by a septic system and construction, alterations or a change of use of the building is proposed, then a septic system permit may also be required.


Whether you are constructing new or adding bedrooms, plumbing fixtures, floor area or changing a use of a building, you will be required to building a new septic system, add on to the existing septic system or confirm that the existing septic system is sized appropriately, contact the Building Division at or 905-476-4301 


It is the responsibility of the owner or the authorized agent to submit a complete application that includes the designed system exactly as the system is to be installed or altered.

  • Design drawings
    • Must be prepared by a competent designer
    • Must be drawn to scale and accurately and neatly drawn
    • May be made by the owner if the owner takes responsibility for the design (Note: all designers must demonstrate a level of design competency)
    • May require a designer with specific credentials (ie. P.Eng.) for complicated or specialized designs

When applying for a septic system permit we require:

  • Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish
  • 2 copies of a detailed Site Plan
  • Schedule 1 - Designer Information
  • Schedule 2 - Septic System Installer Information
    • 2 copies of detailed site plan (showing all building, set back to lot lines of all existing buildings, lot dimensions, north indicator, civic and legal address, well, septic, driveway locations, ponds, watercourse, rivers and street locations) Highlight new construction
    • 2 copies of complete septic system plans and specifications
    • Site evaluation report
  • Letter of Authorization signed by owner (if applicable)
  • Lot grading approval
  • Conservation Authority approval (if regulated area)
  • Permit Fees
    • $1,133 for new and replacement systems or leaching beds
    • $874 to replace an existing class 4 septic tank in an existing system
    • $1,058 for a new holding tank
    • $939 for the replacement or repair of an existing, legal holding tank
  • Refer to the Building By-law 2015-0150 for additional fees

Contact the Building Division by email at to request more information or to clarify anything regarding construction of a building.

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