Solar Panels

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Solar Panels                     

A building permit is required for a solar panel installation that is proposed to be installed on a building or that is designed to provide hot water. 

A permit is not required for ground mounted solar panel systems that are not connected to water or heating sources. Also, a building that is accessory to the solar panel and is more than 108 sqft in area also requires a building permit.


Installation of solar panels, whether supported by a building or on the ground, is exempt from the Town's Zoning By-law. However, they may be regulated by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA). Please contact the LSRCA for more information.


Design is the next step. You will need a set of construction drawings to submit to the Building Division for review before a permit can be issued and installation can begin. You will also be required to retain the services of a professional engineer to evaluate the existing framing to confirm structural sufficiency and propose construction if/where needed.

Drawings and Documents

  • Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish, including Schedule 1 - Designer Information
  • 2 copies of a detailed Site Plan showing:
    • the location and number of panels
    • the location of pole, meter and DC disconnect switch
  • 2 sets of all construction drawings to scale and dimensioned
    • Professional engineer drawing or report on existing structure confirming the structure can sustain the additional loading
    • General review commitment form completed by the owner and professional engineer
    • Roof attachment details (no plastic connectors or attachments)
  • Letter of Authorization signed by owner, required only when the applicant is not the owner
  • Permit Fees. See Schedule A of the Town's Building By-law 2021-0019