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Do I need a Pool Enclosure Permit?

Watch the Town's "Do I need a Pool Enclosure Permit" video for more information as to what needs to be considered when it comes to pool enclosures in Georgina.

All privately-owned outdoor swimming pools which can hold water at least 60 cm (24 in) deep must be enclosed with a pool enclosure and require a Pool Enclosure Permit. A pool enclosure must be at least 1.2 meters (4 ft) in height and non-climbable. The pool walls of an above ground swimming pool, a deck, a guard rail or a fence may serve as the enclosure. The height of a fence may not be more than 2.0m (6 ft 6 in).

Spas and hot tubs with a locked cover that will support a weight of at least 27.2 kg (60 pounds) are not required to be enclosed by a pool enclosure and does not require a pool enclosure permit prior to its installation and use. The owner of a spa or hot tub must keep the cover closed and locked at all times when it is not being used. Spas and hot tubs that do not have the require cover require a permit to construct a pool enclosure.

All swimming pools, spas and hot tubs must comply with setback distances from buildings and property lines in accordance with the Zoning By-law.



Make sure you can install your proposed swimming pool, spa or hot tub by consulting:

Application instructions

Application information

When applying for a Pool Enlosure Permit, we require:

  • A completed Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Application
  • 2 sets of site plans, showing:
    • the proposed location of the pool, spa and hot tub
    • distances to the house, accessory structures and property lines
    • dimensions of the swimming pool, spa and hot tub
    • location of pump and filter
  • Details of fence enclosure and self-closing/latching gate(s)
  • Swimming Pool Site Alteration Permit from the Development Engineering Division where site grading works are required or proposed
    • All in-ground pools require a site alteration permit
    • Other pools may require a site alteration permit if grading works are proposed
  • Lake Simcore Region Conservation Authority approval (If applicable)

Permit fees for Pool Enclosure Permit only (Site Alteration Permit fees are separate):

  • In-ground pool $150
  • Above-ground Pool $100
  • On-ground Pool (Seasonal temporary) $50

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