Pefferlaw Fire Hall

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Rendering of new Pefferlaw Fire Hall 

As a growing municipality, the Town of Georgina is committed to building a healthy and safe community to serve the needs of our residents.

Emergency services are vital to the well-being of everyone. The new Pefferlaw Fire Station 1-8 will allow Georgina Fire and Rescue Services to continue to provide a high level of care for residents and visitors.

The Town approved the design of the new fire station in December 2017 and awarded the contract to build it on June 20, 2018. 

Jan. 15, 2020 Project Update

Nov. 13, 2019 Project Update

Representatives of the the Town, its Prime Consultant TBA, and the Town’s Construction Contractor, BECC Contracting, held a lengthy meeting on Nov. 5, 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to address the present state of the fire station and possible ways whereby the parties presently under contract with the Town could complete the construction on the fire station. In that regard, BECC Contracting tabled a new construction schedule indicating an anticipated completion date of end of spring of 2020. As a result of that tabled schedule, the parties then discussed how that anticipated completion date could be achieved and they are presently working together on various go-forward work plans that came out of the meeting. Staff will keep Council apprised of major construction progress milestones.

Since the last construction progress to Council, the following has taken place onsite:

  • The communication contractor is currently onsite starting excavation for the tower
  • Work is continuing on the south elevation including closing in the entire building
  • Sprinklers, sheet metal and framing is continuing in the church upper level
  • Sprinklers, sheet metal and framing is continuing in the basement level
  • Sprinkler work and block work is almost completed in the locker room
  • Blockwork is at approximately 99 per cent complete
  • Slab on grade placed in new construction (including gear room) up to apparatus bays and in church basement where existing slab removed
  • Water distribution piping being installed in basement is now extended into apparatus bays
  • Base slab for water tanks has been poured and formwork is to be started for walls

Oct. 29, 2019 Project Update

Town Council and staff are actively involved in the issues surrounding the delay in the construction of the Pefferlaw Fire Station, and are presently in the process of reviewing all available options, including possible legal action so as to bring about the completion of the project as quickly as possible with as few cost overruns as possible. – Dave Reddon, Chief Administrative Officer

Media Release 

Design approved for Pefferlaw Fire Hall.pdf

Council Reports

Council report award of contract_06-20-18.pdf

Council report rental agreement_03-07-18.pdf

Council report design options_12-13-17.pdf

Council report award of design contract_09-27-17.pdf

Council report youth centre demolition_04-12-17.pdf

Questions and Answers 

Why do we need a new Pefferlaw Fire Hall?

As a growing municipality, the Town of Georgina is committed to building a healthy and safe community to serve the needs of our residents. The current station no longer fulfills the needs of the fire department and other accommodations are required.


Why was that location chosen?

An assessment was conducted looking at a variety of options analyzing the needs of the fire department as well as the community with regards to response times. It was also part of the Master Fire Plan. It was determined that the current location of the Pefferlaw Fire Hall would be the preferred site.

The plan for the Pefferlaw Fire Hall includes the adjacent Cooke’s United Church – what is the reason?

There was public interest in keeping the church and the architect was able to incorporate it into the design. Council was presented with two design options and chose the one that included the former church. A public information session was held on Nov. 20, 2017, and the community also preferred this design. It will allow the Town to keep this meaningful building in the community and away from demolition. The design incorporating the church meets three of the highest criteria for Georgina Fire and Rescue Services – functionality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Where will Station 1-8 be relocated while the new fire hall is being built?

In April, 2018, Council approved a temporary relocation of Station 1-8 to 536 Pefferlaw Rd. to house its apparatus and related equipment. The property owner, Have Bus Will Travel, agreed to the use of its property and storage facility. The existing garage will be used to house three apparatus and related equipment. The location also provides parking space for volunteers to respond in their vehicles, change clothing and effectively respond to emergency incidents.

Will emergency response be affected during the construction of the new fire hall?

Emergency services are vital to the well-being of residents and our community. The Town will ensure that fire protection services will be maintained while the new fire hall is under construction.

How much will the new Fire Hall cost?

Initial cost estimates for the project are approximately $4.4 million. Funding for the construction of the new Pefferlaw Station 1-8 will be dealt with through the 2018/19 budget process.

How will this impact my taxes?

Property taxes support the operations of facilities owned by the Town whether it’s a recreational facility, fire hall or municipal office.