Lake Drive Shoreline Jurisdiction Ad-Hoc Committee

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The Lake Drive Shoreline Jurisdiction Ad-hoc Advisory Committee (LDSJC)

Provides information and assistance in the drafting of a comprehensive policy  with respect to the use of Town road allowance in the area of the Lake Drive North and East shoreline for submission to Council.

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s PDF icon Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

Committee Composition

The Committee consist of 3 members of Council, as well as 5 Lake Drive Residents and 3 Citizen appointments. 
Members of Council
Mayor Quirk
Councillor Fellini
Councillor Neeson 
Lake Drive Residents
Alan Direnfeld
Carr Hatch
Deyril Blanchard, Chair
Peter Stevens
Susan Jagmias, Vice Chair,
Citizen Appointments
Cathy Hasted
David Szollosy
Terry Holgate


The Committee shall meet as required throughout the year.

Agendas and Minutes