Official Plan Review Steering Committee

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The Town of Georgina Council invited community members to sit on the Official Plan Review Steering Committee to provide direction, guidance and recommendations as necessary, regarding the Official Plan Review (OPR) background reports and draft Official Plan documents, and to participate in public consultations throughout the OPR process.

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s  Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

Want to Learn More?

The Town of Georgina's Official Plan is currently being reviewed to update and implement policies to comply with the newly approved York Region Official Plan and provincial planning legislation. Your feedback and input is valuable to us and we welcome your participation. in the Official Plan Review Process.

Committee Composition

The OPRSC consists of a maximum of 12 members including 3 members of Council and up to 5 members of the public who are leaders and advocates for good planning, and have a reasonable understanding of land use planning matters.

The length of term for a person appointed to the OPRSC shall be for the duration of the Official Plan Review which is expected to be approximately 1 year barring any unforeseen delays.

Current OPRSC Members

  • Chair, Art Field
  • Vice Chair, John Edward (Ted) Brown
  • Vice Chair, Mike Fenton
  • Ward 1 Councilor Naomi Davison
  • Mayor Margaret Quirk (ex-Officio Member)

The OPRSC meets throughout the year as required, in the Civic Centre Council Chambers.

  • OPRSC meetings are open to the public
  • Public input is welcome regarding each application being heard at the OPRSC meetings
  • Public input is welcome through a Request to Speak form or a Request for Presentation to the Committee
  • The location is wheelchair accessible
  • Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Town of Georgina's Procedural By-law.

For further assistance and information please contact the OPRSC Secretary by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 Ext. 2242.

Agendas and Minutes

Please visit Georgina's OPRSC Agendas and Minutes web-page.