Fence Viewers

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Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina Council appoints individuals to act as ‘Fence-viewers’.

What is a Fence Viewer

When neighbours cannot agree on the construction, reconstruction or maintenance of a fence, the Line Fences Act governs the arbitration process if necessary. This provincial law allows for three municipally appointed fence viewers to examine the land in question and hear submissions from the adjoining owners and/or their witnesses. All notices under the Act are sent out by the Clerk’s Office.

Terms of reference

The Fence Viewer PDF icon Terms of Reference (418.98 KB)outlines the purpose, general activities and appointment responsibility.

Current fence viewers

  • Peter Bunnik
  • Keith Pitts
  • Bradd Quigg
  • Richard Munro

For assistance and information please contact the Licensing Coordinator at 905-476-4301 Ext. 2291.


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