Service Delivery Review

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The Town of Georgina initiated a Service Delivery Review in 2017, focusing on internal processes and identifying key opportunities for improvement. These reviews are a common exercise for municipalities to gauge the level of service across all business units and see where opportunities for efficiency exist.  

As a growing municipality, the Town is seeking innovative ways to improve services, while at the same time balancing stakeholder expectations within financial realities.

The purpose of the review is to –

  • Investigate and understand the Town’s current services and service delivery models
  • Assess the current service delivery methods and recommend possible opportunities for improvement/changes to them and to the organizational structure
  • Determine opportunities to be more efficient and effective in the sustainable delivery of municipal services

As a first order of business the Town has identified the following six top priority areas and six supplemental areas for review.

The top six priority areas are:

  • Enhanced budgeting process
  • Performance review/management for accountability purposes
  • Strategic master planning
  • Financial system review to improve payroll/accounts payable functionality
  • Revised procurement by-law/improved purchasing process
  • Improved Council/committees process/support

The six supplementary areas are:

  • Design and introduction of an Annual Corporate Report
  • Undertaking of an lnformation Technology Strategic Plan (in progress with target completion of Fall 2018)
  • Review of Capital Project Management/Delivery (Upcoming 2019)
  • Consideration of Organizational Alignment - Release
  • Revamp/Update Corporate Administrative Policies (on-going)
  • Review of the Council/CAO Decision lmplementation Tracking System (in progress)

Progress reports will continue to be submitted to Council, providing an opportunity for discussion and consideration surrounding options that will result in corporate efficiency.

Service Delivery Review progress report 12

The purpose of this report was to provide Council with an update on the overall progress of Town’s Service Delivery Review initiated in 2017 and to highlight staff’s action plan for addressing outstanding items identified in the initial review.
PDF icon Service Delivery Review progress report #12 (130.94 KB)

Service Delivery Review Report 11 – IT Strategic Plan

Service Delivery Review Report 11 – The IT Strategic Plan outlines a five-year plan to elevate the importance of technology at the Town and leverage technology as an enabler of modern business practices.

New Procurement Policy Report 10 - June 13, 2018

Service Delivery Report 10 – Corporate Procurement Policy. This new policy will enhance process efficiency, make more effective use of staff resources, reduce risk and liability, as well as increase transparency, accountability and oversight. The policy modernizes and replaces the Town's existing 2004 procurement policy, and reflects best practices and the evolving marketplace.

Corporate Policy Approval Process Report 9 - April 18, 2018

Service Delivery Review Report 9 – Corporate Policy Approval Process. The corporate approval process will improve operational efficiencies, while maintaining transparency and accountability, by better managing the volume of reports channeled to Council and time required of staff.   

Surplus/Deficit Control Measures By-law Report 8 - Dec. 6, 2017

Service Delivery Review Report 8 – Financial Policy Framework Part D - Surplus/Deficit Control measures by-law. It will result in better financial stability for the Town while providing an opportunity to top up crucial reserves and reserve funds for capital or operating programs. The by-law provides clear guidance and set criteria for staff to better manage the year end process in an efficient manner. The Town Treasurer will report on these transactions as part of the annual Audited Financial Statements.


Corporate Investment Policy Report 7 - Nov. 15, 2017

Service Delivery Review Progress Report 7 – Financial Policy Framework Part C – Corporate Investment Policy. It will govern the management of the corporation’s short and long-term surplus cash, sinking funds, reserves and reserve funds and trust funds. The policy will also ensure the prudent management of the corporations’ investment portfolio.

Financial Policy Framework – Corporate Debt Management Policy Report 6 – Nov. 1, 2017

Service Delivery Report 6 – Financial Policy Framework Part B – Corporate Debt Management Policy. The new policy provides a clear financial framework for borrowing as a funding resource to accommodate future capital needs. 

Reserves and Reserves Fund Strategy Report 5 - Oct. 18, 2017

Service Delivery Review Report 5 – Reserves and Reserve Funds Strategy. This approach creates the opportunity to set aside funds for major classes of assets/functions such as corporate initiatives, new infrastructure, approved asset management plans such as roads facilities, vehicles and equipment, allowing capital items to be paid for as the needs are identified.

Financial Policy Framework Report 4 - Oct. 11, 2017

Service Delivery Report 4 – Financial Policy Framework. It introduces a number of financial management tools and policies establishing a foundation for prudent financial management in a growing municipal operation. This includes a corporate debt management policy, corporate investment policy, corporate reserves and reserve funds strategy, and a surplus/deficit control policy. 

Corporate Alignment Report 3 - Oct. 4, 2017

Service Delivery Report 3 – Corporate Alignment. Council endorsed organizational changes that help to lay the foundation of establishing an environment of continuous improvement. 

Budget Process Enhancement Report 2 - Sept. 6, 2017


Service Delivery Report 2 – Enhanced Budget Process. The enhancements to the 2018 budget process and timetable included moving from short-term budgeting to a long-term multi-year activity-based budget process, a 10-year capital forecast, phased-in capital budget for multi-year projects and an improved process for carry forward projects.

Service Delivery Review Progress Report 1 - Aug. 9, 2017

Service Delivery Report 1 – Phase 1 Complete. Council received the first progress report and endorsed the six priority areas for review.