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Welcome to the Official Town of Georgina Community Web!

Frequently Visited

Recreation & Culture 2015 Fall/2016 Winter Guide

Whether you're looking for programs and activities geared for seniors, adults, families, youth, children, or infants - We're sure to have something to spark your interest! Check out the 2015 Fall/2016 Winter Guide online or pick up a copy at the Georgina Leisure Pool, Georgina Ice Palace, Sutton Arena, Georgina Public Libraries, or The Stephen Leacock Theatre. Registration for Fall Programs begins on August 25. Registration for Winter Programs and Lessons starts on December 8.

Preventing Frozen Pipes Before Winter Arrives

Like many municipalities across Ontario that endured extended frigid temperatures this winter, several homes in Georgina experienced frozen pipes. Having frozen pipes is both a headache and an inconvenience and has the potential to lead to a pipe burst that may cause water damage in your home. Being prepared and informed will help you to avoid the messy and often expensive issue of frozen pipes. The Town of Georgina has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions Brochure surrounding how to prevent frozen water pipes before it occurs.

The 2015 Georgina Senior Games Kick-Off On September 17!

Are you up for a little healthy competition? The games are open to all Georgina residents who are 55+. Compete in your favourite games or try something new! Registration Forms must be submitted by September 18. Pre-registration is required for all games. Opening Ceremonies: September 22 & Closing Ceremonies: October 27.

Lake Drive - Development Along the Lakeshore

On July 14, 2015, staff presented a report surrounding a proposed policy regarding Lake Drive Development along the Lakeshore. To assist with further clarification on the report a list of Questions & Answers have been prepared.

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is a poisonous, invasive plant that can cause skin rashes, burns and blisters. If you suspect you've found Giant Hogweed, do not touch any part of the plant. Please visit our Giant Hogweed information page for more details on Giant Hogweed.

Private Well Water Testing - Now in Pefferlaw!

Residents can now drop off water samples from their private wells at the Pefferlaw Library (76 Pete's Lane) for testing. This is a service that is provided through the Region and facilitated through Georgina to help ensure safe drinking water. Once collected, samples are sent to Public Health Ontario Laboratories to be tested for bacteria. Please note that water samples can be dropped off on Wednesdays only. The water sample must be filled after 2 PM and dropped off before 9 PM on the same Wednesday. Water sample bottles may be picked up at the Pefferlaw Library during regular business hours. Water sample drop off at the Civic Centre remains Tuesdays & Thursday before 11:30 AM.

LED Streetlight Conversion

Georgina residents are going to be seeing things in a new light, literally! 4,230 streetlights across the town will be converted to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) over the next six months. The conversion of LED lights will result in increased efficiencies and cost savings. During the installation of the lights, residents and business owners will only experience minor impacts as there will be no construction sites and the crews will be mobile. View the LED Streetlight Conversion list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

2015 Volunteer Award of Merit

Do you know an individual, team or group who is currently contributing to the betterment of the local community and Georgina as a whole? Show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work by nominating them for Georgina's 2015 Volunteer Award of Merit! The deadline to submit Nomination Forms or letters is September 21. Join us in celebrating our 2015 Volunteer Award of Merit recipients at the Awards Reception at The ROC Chalet on November 24 starting at 6:30 PM.

Proposed Indemnification By-Law and Procedure

Town Council recently received a staff report on a proposed Indemnification By-law. The report has only been received by Council and has not been passed. Municipal indemnification by-laws are not uncommon. To ensure a fulsome review of the potential for such a By-law for Georgina, Council deferred consideration of the By-law and procedures and requested additional information for their review. Town Council and the Town encourages and welcomes public participation. Whether it is in person at a Council meeting, online, or by phone, your feedback is an important part of building a great Georgina. To help address questions on the matter, the Town has prepared some Frequently Asked Questions that will help to disseminate this information. We encourage you to read the report yourself for a full understanding of what the proposed Indemnification By-law Report entails.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Georgina

EAB is a highly invasive insect that attacks and feeds on all species of ash trees, killing them within one to three years. Ash trees account for 19% of Georgina's tree population. Under the Town's Phased Ash Tree Removal and Replacement Program, the Parks & Facilities Division is currently removing Municipally-owned trees on a priority basis as determined by any danger/threat to the public or public property. Replenishing the removed trees will occur during usual planting seasons in the fall and spring, and a different species of tree will be planted. For more information, please visit our EAB page.

Don't Forget Your Permits!

Garage Sale Permits, Open Air Burning (Fire) Permits, and Firework Licences are required in Georgina. Check out the Permits Reminder for details on how to obtain yours!

Coyote Sightings Prompts Reminder from the Ministry of Natural Resources

Please be advised that following some recent coyote sightings in Georgina, the Ministry of Natural Resources is reminding residents about some important safety tips should you encounter one. An increase in coyote sightings can be attributed to changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather, supplemental feeding, and natural food shortages. For more information on coyotes, please view the Living with Coyotes Fact Sheet.

Changes To Canada Post Delivery Service

The Town has learned that some residents have been visited by Canada Post Representatives indicating that their property is a proposed location for a Community Mail Box (CMB) and for any questions, to contact Town staff. Council continues to oppose these changes in delivery service. If you have any questions about the upcoming changes to delivery service, you are reminded to contact the Canada Post Customer Call Centre at 1-844-454-3009, not the Town. Canada Post Corporation Representatives attended Council on April 1 to present information surrounding upcoming changes to its residential delivery service. A copy of the presentation can be viewed at the Agendas and Minutes page. Earlier this year, Canada Post announced that approximately 4,100 door-to-door customers in Keswick will be converted to Community Mailboxes in 2015 as part of their conversion of approximately 1/3 of Canadian addresses to Community Mailboxes. Further information is available on the Community Mailbox Conversions webpage. View the Map of Affected Areas.

Community Improvement Plan Applications are Open

The Economic Development Division is now accepting applications for financial incentive programs from commercial building owners, business owners and commercial tenants within the three identified Community Improvement Plan Areas. The Community Improvement Plan applies to those areas within the Uptown Keswick, Jackson's Point and Sutton High Street areas that are within an identified Business Improvement Area (BIA). Please view the CIP Overview or the complete Community Improvement Plan for the programs and eligibility requirements. Application forms can be filled out online or hand written. If you are interested in applying for funding through the Community Improvement Plan please contact the Economic Development Division to schedule a mandatory pre-consultation appointment at or 905 476-4301 ext. 2300.

Town page in The Advocate
The Town of Georgina runs the Town page in The Advocate every Thursday. It includes upcoming events, matters of interest, public notices, and news regarding Georgina. Please visit the Town of Georgina Newspaper Notices for the latest digital editions.

Town of Georgina's Official Monthly E-Newsletter
The Town of Georgina is now offering an official monthly e-newsletter. Sign up to receive updates and important information about happenings in the Town. Each issue features information on events, news, stories, programs and recent developments. Click here to subscribe. View the E-Newletter Archive here.

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