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The Recreational Outdoor Campus (ROC) in Georgina is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to host memorable events, whether it's a birthday celebration, corporate function, community gathering, or school outing. The ROC's expansive 180-acre property offers a versatile backdrop for a wide range of occasions. For birthdays, it provides a unique and adventurous setting where kids and adults alike can enjoy exciting activities such as zip-lining, tubing, skating, or picnicking in the great outdoors. Corporations can leverage the ROC's spacious facilities and serene surroundings to host team-building exercises, workshops, or memorable retreats. Community groups find a welcoming space for festivals, charity events, and gatherings. Schools can offer students a day of educational fun, with nature walks, sports activities, and opportunities to connect with the environment. No matter the occasion, renting the ROC promises an unforgettable experience in a truly stunning natural setting.

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