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Outdoor programs



Join us for a fun evening of archery. With programs for children, youth and adults, anyone can try the sport of archery in a fun and friendly environment. The program focuses on the basics of safety, proper stance, technique and target practice with a camp bow. No experience or equipment necessary. 
Ages 8yrs+


Biking: Learn to Bike Basics

Riders will practice balancing and riding exercises to build a strong foundation on their own bike. Activities will include learning the parts of a bike and helmet, biking safety, starting and stopping, turns, and navigating changes in elevation. All participants must come with their own bike and helmet (training wheels are not permitted), and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who has the physical strength to provide support to the rider while on their bike.
Ages 3-8yrs

Biking: Pumps and Jumps (Mountain Biking)

Come ride with us. This program explores the ROC's bike park and mountain bike trails. Riders develop technical skills, learn trail/park etiquette and will increase their confidence and biking abilities. CSA approved bike helmets must be worn. Participants must provide their own bike and helmet. 
Ages 8-14yrs


Seasonal Wilderness Crafts

Join us for a new craft each week at the ROC. Nature enthusiasts will forage for crafting materials on the ROC grounds before heading inside to create their masterpiece. Participants will learn about their natural environment, including education on nature protection and preservation.
Ages 8 - 12 yrs

Dog training

Pawlished Puppy

Pawlished Puppy is a six-week class that focuses on basic skills, proper socialization and how to build an unbreakable bond with your pup. The program aims to make training fun and helps create good communication between you and your puppy, builds confidence in yourself as a handler and helps you navigate the world with a better behaved and well-adjusted puppy.
Ages 18yrs+

Work in Paw-gress

Work in Paw-gress is a six-week class for dogs over six months of age. The program focuses on basic skills, problematic behaviours and management techniques to help navigate puppy adolescence and help set you up to succeed. The main objective of this class is to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog, help build confidence in yourself as a handler and to make training fun.
Ages 18yrs+

Outdoor activities and skills

Get Outside

Get outside and enjoy a variety of different outdoor activities. this program provided students with an opportunity to learn new skills and explore our natural environment. Activities include; active games that teach about environment, nature arts and crafts and much more. Activities may vary depending on the season and will include activities on the ROC's low ropes course and archery range.
Ages 6-9yrs

Into the Wild (Outdoor Survival Skills)

Learn how to survive in the wilderness. Participants will learn the essentials of how to survive in the great outdoors by experiencing hands on activities such as making shelter, food, and how to stay warm. Activities vary by the season. Includes archery.
Ages 7-12yrs

ROC Adventure Program

Join us for a four week program to try out some of the ROC's greatest challenges. Each week participants will have the opportunity to experience one of the following activities: climbing wall, vertical playground, archery and high and low ropes. Participants aged 9 years and under will participate in the low ropes challenge course, participants aged 10 and over will participate in the high ropes challenge course. All equipment is included.
Ages 8-14yrs


Join us for adventure at the ROC. The ROC offers a variety of exciting PA day and summer camps. Check them out.

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