Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority transfers key lands to Town of Georgina

In an effort to enhance public spaces and support long-term land management, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (the Conservation Authority) is pleased to announce that they have transferred Franklin Beach, Holmes Point and Willow Beach Conservation Areas and Keswick North Watercourse, to the Town of Georgina.

“Transferring these lands is strategic and mutually beneficial,” said York Region Chairman and CEO, Wayne Emmerson, Chair of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. “The Town of Georgina has been managing the lands on our behalf for decades, so this solidifies their ability to move forward with community recreation initiatives, while allowing the Conservation Authority to turn our attention to managing lands that meet our environmental objectives.”

In 2020, the Conservation Authority developed a comprehensive land securement strategy; Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority Natural Heritage System Land Securement Project 2019-2025. The analysis that underpins the strategy considered historical context such as ongoing land management activities and property-related issues and identified that these lands no longer support the Conservation Authority’s mandate and objectives. The strategy aims to align property management goals with current Conservation Authority priorities.

Totaling nearly six hectares, these parcels, acquired in the mid-1970s and 1980s, have served various purposes over the years, supporting the Conservation Authority’s historical objectives. As part of the transfer conditions, the lands are designated for public use, encompassing parks, drainage conveyance, and other approved uses.

“This is great news for both residents who have enjoyed these popular areas for many years and the Town who has maintained them. These areas are a key part of our Waterfront Parks Master Plan, and the transfer of ownership is instrumental in moving forward with park improvements benefitting residents and visitors,” said the Town of Georgina Mayor, Margaret Quirk.

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