The Town of Georgina is made up of a variety of departments, divisions and sections.

Mayor and Council

The Mayor and Council are the governing body of the Town of Georgina. The Mayor and Regional Councillor represent the interests of all Georgina residents regionally, as well as at the municipal level. They are guided by provincial legislation, which establishes policies by resolutions and by-laws.

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer  (CAO) is the most senior member of staff for the Town of Georgina. They report directly to Council and work to implement Council’s direction and initiatives.

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) supports the CAO and senior management in the implementation of Council direction and initiatives on corporate-wide matters with a focus on creating, implementing and enforcing internal controls and policies that will safeguard the Town’s financial assets. This department includes

Community Services

The Community Services Department works to build a healthy community and promote active lifestyles. Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible recreation and cultural opportunities and experiences for all Georgina residents, ensuring that all recreation, parks and facilities are multi‐use, multi‐generational, accessible, inviting and responsive to the community’s needs. This department includes:

Development Services

Development Services promotes well-managed growth and economic development and tourism through strategic land-use planning activities and marketing efforts. This department processes and makes recommendations to Council on various applications for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development proposals; and reviews and approves the design and construction of roads, sanitary sewage disposal, drinking water supply, grading and stormwater management facilities and other infrastructure needed to support new development. The department is also responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code as it relates to the construction or demolition of buildings and structures, and the installation and maintenance of on-site private sewage systems.

Fire and Rescue Services

Georgina Fire and Rescue Services is a composite fire service and is responsible for the delivery of fire protection, ice/water rescue, technical rescue, prevention, public education and code enforcement. The department is also responsible for leading and coordinating the Town's Emergency Management Plan. Georgina Fire and Rescue Services has three stations located in Keswick, Pefferlaw and Sutton.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) provides professional human resources services and supports the strategic direction and operational needs of the organization. It also provides leadership and consultation in the development of its people and the fostering of service excellence.

Legislative Services

The Legislative Services division manages the legal and regulatory aspects of the Town including:

Operations and Infrastructure

The Operations and Infrastructure  Department provides a wide range of Town services that residents receive every day. The department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town’s municipal infrastructure including all municipal roads, drinking water distribution systems, wastewater collection and transmission, storm water systems, sidewalks, streetlights, and urban forestry. The department is also responsible for managing solid waste collection and recycling programs.

  • Quality Management Support
  • Fleet Services
  • Asset Management and Technical Services
    • Condition Assessments
    • Pavement Management
    • Capital Planning
    • Asset Acquisition/Disposal/Transfer
    • Environmental Assessments/Feasibility Studies
    • Municipal Access Agreements/Utilities
  • Capital Delivery
    • Major Water/Wastewater Projects
    • Major Road Reconstruction
    • Pavement Management Program Delivery
    • Minor Capital Programs
  • Operations

Public Library

Georgina Public Library operates under the authority of Ontario Public Libraries Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P.44, which defines the library's roles and responsibilities to the municipality and the province, and defines the services it is required to deliver. The act establishes the Library Board as the governing body, responsible for setting policies and directing the affairs of the Library.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives, oversees the planning and implementation of key capital projects as well as issues management. Strategic Initiatives includes the following divisions:

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