Development Charges

Development charges should be taken into consideration in the planning of any residential or non-residential project.

Detailed below are some of the key characteristics of development charges and the manner in which they are calculated, imposed and collected.

What are development charges?

Development Charges (DCs) are the primary way for Ontario municipalities to raise funds for required services and infrastructure improvements resulting from development. The charges are intended to facilitate development by providing a method to finance capital projects related to roads, drainage, sewers, water and parkland.

DCs allow monies to be pooled from many developers so that funds can be raised to construct the necessary services in an equitable manner. Every development application is evaluated to determine to what extent development charges are applicable

2021 Development Charges Background Study and Bylaw

Summary of Development Charge Rates

Other Resources

Provincial Legislation

The material provided on this page is intended only as a guide. Applicants should review the approved bylaw and consult with the Town of Georgina’s Zoning Examiners to determine the charges that may apply to specific development proposals. Contact the Building Division at 905-476-4301 or email to with any questions.


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