Roads and Sidewalks

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The Town of Georgina maintains a sophisticated road network for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists. Through cost effective and environmentally responsible means, the Town creates safe and convenient passage for users, provides an aesthetically pleasing environment, and ensures the longevity of the Town's infrastructure. 

In this section you can learn about the Town of Georgina's Adopt-A-Road program, disruptions and closures, spring street sweeping, street lights, water and sewer information, utility locates, and more!

Spring Load Restrictions

Every spring, between March 1 and May 15, there is a load restriction to 5 tonnes per axle.

The reason for this is that, with the warmer weather, the roads become soft, and with any loads larger than the limit, the roads could potentially be damaged.

To learn more, visit the Spring Load Restrictions webpage