Roads and Sidewalks

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The Town of Georgina maintains a sophisticated road network for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists. Through cost effective and environmentally responsible means, the Town creates safe and convenient passage for users, provides an aesthetically pleasing environment, and ensures the longevity of the Town's infrastructure. 

In this section you can learn about the Town of Georgina's Adopt-A-Road program, disruptions and closures, spring street sweeping, street lights, water and sewer information, utility locates and more.

Vist the Town's Road and Bridge Construction page for a list of projects.

Selective resurfacing

Resurfacing programs are underway. Beginning Aug. 16, Town contractors will be removing and replacing asphalt surfaces throughout the Town.  Please use caution around these locations, as some surfaces may remain milled for a few days prior to asphalt replacement.

For any inquiries related to this project, contact Customer Service at 905-476-4301 during regular service hours.

Selective Resurfacing Locations

Selective Resurfacing is defined as localized patch repairs where the existing surface is removed, and replaced, with fresh smooth asphalt.

Please note: Locations and dimensions of repair areas are subject to change based upon field conditions

  • Baldwin Road
  • Blue Heron Drive
  • East St
  • Elizabeth Street
  • George
  • Hedge Road
  • Highfield and Broadview
  • Irving @ Port Street
  • Larch Lane
  • Lockie Sideroad
  • Maple Avenue
  • Mount Pleasant Trail
  • Petes Lane
  • Ravenscrest Road
  • Richmond Park Rd
  • Riverglen Road
  • Stoney Batter
  • Ways Bay Drive
  • West St.