Roads and Sidewalks

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The Town of Georgina maintains a sophisticated road network for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists. Through cost effective and environmentally responsible means, the Town creates safe and convenient passage for users, provides an aesthetically pleasing environment, and ensures the longevity of the Town's infrastructure. 

In this section you can learn about the Town of Georgina's Adopt-A-Road program, disruptions and closures, spring street sweeping, street lights, water and sewer information, utility locates and more.

Vist the Town's Road and Bridge Construction page for a list of projects.

Traffic calming flexible bollards

Flexible traffic bollards have been placed in areas throughout the community as part of the Town’s traffic calming measures. Speed and volume studies completed by the Town and York Regional Police support the installation locations.

Bollards create physical and visual barriers that direct and help to slow down vehicles. Because it narrows the street, it alters driver behaviour. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to reduce speed of vehicles by 5 to 20 km/h without slowing down emergency vehicles.

If struck by a vehicle, the bollard folds upon impact and then returns to its initial position.


  • Wexford by the Ice Palace
  • Carrick Avenue – in front of WJ Public School
  • Lake Drive East 839-872 – 3 sets
  • Biscayne – in front of RL Graham Public School and Keswick High School – 4 sets
  • Thornlodge – in front of Lake Simcoe Public School
  • Joe Dales – from the Queensway to Simcoe landing walking trail – 3 sets
  • Glenwoods – between the Queensway and the lake
  • John Link Way – before entering the subdivision
  • George Burrows Parkway – in front of children’s park

Benefits compared to speed bumps:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t slow down emergency vehicles.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Doesn’t create any vibrations.
  • Reduces air pollution and energy consumption.
  • Doesn’t hinder snow removal since signs are removed during winter


Spring load restrictions

Every spring, between March 1 and May 15, there is a load restriction to five tonnes per axle.

As warmer weather begins following the winter season, Town roads may become soft. The Town must limit load size to reduce the potential damage caused by oversized loads.

To learn more, visit Spring Load Restrictions.