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Planning Division activity during the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the current declaration of emergency, planning applications cannot be fully processed at this time. Staff will continue to work on applications to the fullest extent possible and respond to all related public inquiries. Response to general property and development inquires will continue until further notice.
Any inquiries may be submitted to the Planning Division through email.


Developing and improving your property may involve the Planning Department. But when? The following circumstances will require our help:

  • You would like to create two lots from your single lot;
  • You would like to renovate your home but the addition is too close to your property line;
  • You would like to construct a multi-family development and your property is located in a development permitted area;
  • You would like to know what the Town foresees for future land use in the Town of Georgina;
  • You are wondering if services are being planned for your area; and/or
  • You want to know what Development Charges are applied to your application.

Land use development approval may include the following:

  • Minor Variance Permits
  • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)
  • Part Lot Control Approval
  • Pre-Consultation
  • Radiocommunication / Telecommunication Tower Siting
  • Source Water Protection
  • Street Naming
  • Municipal Address System 

Public interest and participation is welcomed when development applications are being considered.  Learn more about proposed development in the chart below. If you would like to receive notices of upcoming meetings for a development application you are interested in, please submit a Request to be Notifed form to the Clerk's Division. You may provide comments on development applications through email

Development Applications
Status Chart Maps
Ward 1 Ward 1
Ward 2 Ward 2
Ward 3 Ward 3
Ward 4 Ward 4
Ward 5 Ward 5
All Wards  

External Resources

The following regulations may be used in conjunction with your application:


Street Naming

The Town of Georgina council approves street names for public and private streets.

Name consideration process

1. Suggest a name

Write a letter or email identifying the suggested name(s), and provide a written explanation of the personal, historical, cultural, indigenous, or social significance or contributions associated with the Town of Georgina for each name suggested.

2. Obtain consent

If the suggested name is in honour of an individual, event, or an organization, written documentation must be included providing consent from the nominee, or the nominee’s family or estate if the individual is deceased, or the named party’s representative. Include the name, signature and contact information for the nominee or named party.

3. Submit

Send us your idea(s) by email or mail to Janet Porter, Manager, Development Planning Division, Development Services Department, Town of Georgina, 26557 Civic Centre Rd., Keswick, ON L4P 3G1.

More information

All names will be reviewed according to the street naming policies of the Town of Georgina and York Region, to ensure:

  • there is no duplication, whether it sounds similar to existing or approved street names
  • Is not difficult to spell, or difficult to pronounce in an emergency situation

There will be no monetary or other form of compensation nor recognition provided for suggested names.

Street naming is a Council approved process and is part of the subdivision approval of a development. 

Special Applications

Special application can be made to recognize a person who has contributed to the history of Georgina or you feel should be honoured because of a deed. Your submissions are welcome.

More information

Requests are considered by the Planning Division. Email for more information.

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