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Developing and improving your property may involve the Planning Department. But when?

  • You would like to create two lots from your single lot.
  • You would like to renovate your home but the addition is too close to your property line.
  • You would like to construct a multi-family development and your property is located in a development permitted area.
  • You would like to know what the Town foresees for future land use in the Town of Georgina.
  • Are you wondering if services are being planned for your area?
  • What are the Development Charges applied to your application?

Land use development approval may include, and not limited to the following:

  • Minor Variance Permits
  • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)
  • Part Lot Control Approval
  • Pre-Consultation
  • Radiocommunication / Telecommunication Tower Siting
  • Source Water Protection
  • Street Naming
  • Municipal Address System 

The community and land use planning of the municipality are responsibly carried.

Many development applications are Subject to public participation.  For current development applications with high public interest, the Town will provide ongoing updates on our web page.

View the current charts and maps

Development Applications   Development Maps

2019 Development Applications Status Report 

If you would like to receive notices of upcoming meetings please fill in this PDF icon form and submit to the Clerk's department.

External Resources

The following regulations may be used in conjunction with your application: