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Property Taxes

Property tax bills are mailed twice a year in Georgina, January and June. Each tax bill has two installments. Generally, installment due dates are in February, April, July and September. 

Failure to receive your property tax bill does not mean you do not have to pay. You are responsible for any amounts that come due and any penalty and interest charged on these amounts. 

To notify us of any changes to your address, please complete and submit the  Change of Address Form.  If you would like to authorize someone who is not an owner on your property to have access to your tax and/or water account information, please complete and submit the PDF icon Authorization Form

Calculating Property Taxes

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) sets the assessed values for all properties in Ontario. These assessed values are provided to the Town and are updated yearly. To calculate your property taxes, we multiply your assessed value by our tax rate.  

To appeal your assessment or for additional information on property assessments, please visit:

Late Payment Penalty Charge

Penalty is charged at the rate of 1% on installment amounts that are not paid by the due date. This penalty is added on the first day of default. Section 345(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001 provides authority to add penalty.

Interest Charges

Interest is charged on the first day of each month for any amounts outstanding. The interest rate for previous years’ taxes outstanding is 1.25% and the rate for current year taxes is 1%. Section 345(3) of the Municipal Act, 2001 provides authority to add interest. Interest will continue to be charged on outstanding balances until they are paid in full. Please note, once interest and penalty is charged to your account, it remains payable. Staff does not have the authority to reduce or remove these charges.

When you make a payment, any interest on the account is paid first and the remainder applied to the oldest tax outstanding.

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