Environment and Sustainability

Our commitment to a greener future

The Town of Georgina believes in safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainability for current and future generations. Through dedicated initiatives and community involvement, the Town strives to create a greener, more sustainable community where both people and nature thrive in harmony.

Advancing environmental sustainability

Although the Town has several initiatives underway to advance climate change action and sustainability in the corporation, there is an opportunity to prioritize sustainability in the Town by embedding a robust and flexible sustainability lens into decision-making processes.

The goal is to support Georgina’s resilience through environmental sustainability and climate mitigate and adaptation 

  1. Update Energy Conservation Demand Management Plan 
  2. Develop Climate Change Action Plan to define a path forward for the Town that focuses on high-value initiatives 
  3. Conduct a feasibility study to consider opportunities and options to greening the fleet 
  4. Continue to implement the Waste Management Plan (corporate and community)

View the 2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan. 

Georgina: Proud Bee City Designation

Buzzing with commitment to pollinators

Georgina is honored to be recognized as the 85th Bee City by pollinator.org. This prestigious designation highlights the community's dedication to protecting and supporting pollinators, vital contributors to the ecosystem and food supply.

Why pollinators matter

Pollinators, including bees, butterflies, birds and other insects, play a crucial role in the reproduction of flowering plants, including many of the fruits, vegetables and nuts that humans rely on for nutrition. Without pollinators, the food system would suffer, and ecosystems would be greatly disrupted.

Together, let's protect pollinators

The Town is committed to being a leader in pollinator conservation, and with the community’s support, it can ensure a thriving environment for both pollinators and people. Join the Town in its efforts to protect and celebrate these essential creatures that contribute so much to the world.

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