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The Town of Georgina owns two cemeteries in the municipality.

Both cemeteries are governed by Cemetery Boards, which are responsible for ensuring that each cemetery is cared for in a proper manner and to uphold and enforce the provisions of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.

The cemeteries are open year-round. Visitors are requested to exercise caution when entering the grounds, especially during snowy or icy conditions because plowling and sanding are not always done immediately.

Cooke's Cemetery, 272 Pefferlaw Rd., Pefferlaw 

The Cooke's Cemetery By-law allows for single burials and double depth burials.

Keswick Cemetery, 565 Varney Rd., Keswick

Keswick Cemetery By-laws allow for a Scattering Garden, Lots and Cremation Niches as well as Single Burials, Double Depth Burials, in-ground Cremation Burials and Cremation Columbarium Niche Interments.

Cemetery Services 

For any inquiries please contact Sandra Dipietrantonio by email  at keswickcemetery@georgina.ca or by phone at 905-806-4259


To inquire about Commemorative Donations please contact the Town's Recreation and Culture Department by email or phone 905-476-4301.

A Decoration Day Service in order to honour loved ones is held annually. For more information please contact Sandra Dipietrantonio