Building and Renovating

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The Building Division reviews permit applications, issues permits and conducts on-site inspections for construction and renovation projects within Georgina. If you are planning to construct or demolish a new building, addition or deck, install a pool or renovate/alter an existing building, you will need to obtain a permit before you start.

The information below will help you prepare to obtain a permit. For assistance or more information please contact the Building Division by email at, or by telephone at 905-476-4301.

Permit applications must be complete at the time of submission; incomplete applications will not be accepted. However, appications without prior zoning by-law review and approval will still be accepted. These applications will result in longer review times. Requirements for an application:

  • A completed Permit Application form
  • All required forms related to the type of work/permit
  • Payment of permit fees
  • 2 copies of a detailed site plan, including all buildings and setbacks to lot lines
  • 2 sets of construction drawings, including all construction information

Other approvals and drawings that may be required will be outlined when you submit your permit application.  Application is made in person at the Building Counter during business hours.

You will find more information in these pages. After you review the web site for the type of project you are proposing, you may contact us at or call 905-476-4301.