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Procurement Services

Procurement Services is responsible for the sourcing and procurement activities for a large variety of goods and services required by the Corporation of the Town of Georgina. Opportunities to do business with the Town are posted on the Bids and Tenders section of the website

Bidding activities are only conducted through our Bids and Tenders page.  Vendors who do not already have a free online account are invited to register online. To bid on business opportunities, Vendors must purchase a subscription from eSolutions Group Bids and Tenders e-Procurement platform at or  Vendors may purchase an unlimited annual subscription, or for vendors who do less bidding, there is a pay-per-bid option for a one-time fee. Bid documents can be pre-viewed entirely online before payment is required.  Please contact Bids and Tenders directly for current pricing. 

When creating an account, Vendors select commodity code(s) for goods, services and construction and the eSolutions Software will automatically notify the Vendor by email of any new bid opportunities matching their commodity code selection for all opportunities within Georgina, and any other municipalities that you may have selected.

The unlimited subscription will provide Vendors with the following benefits and services:

Unlimited access to register for all bid opportunities powered by eSolutionsGroup Bids and Tenders software across Canada

  • Automatic notifications of new bid opportunities, addenda, site meeting reminders and bid results
  • Unlimited use of online submissions, document downloads and addenda notices
  • Unlimited category subscription for bid matching
  • Customized vendor dashboard that allows quick access to active opportunities and bid history
  • Self-serve profile management
  • Ability to add up to 10 contacts to your account

Cooperative procurement

The Corporation of the Town of Georgina along with the other York Region Municipalities, the Region, York Regional Police and the School Boards are members of the York Purchasing Co-operative.  The York Purchasing Co-operative agency members shall identify and publicly bid common goods and services by combining individual requirements and larger volumes to achieve best value and savings. When the Town participates in cooperative procurement activities, the lead agency shall advertise and post the bid call documents and be the contact agency throughout the procurement activity.  For more information, visit

In addition to the York Purchasing Co-operative, the Town of Georgina is also a member of the following buying groups and may participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following buying groups:

1. OECM - Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace -    

2. Kinetic GPO -      


Purchasing Policy (2018-0051)

The Corporation of the Town of Georgina follows strict by-laws, procedures and regulations for the acquisition of goods and services. Our Procurement Policy prescribes the acquisition guidelines for all goods and services. Council must approve any exceptions from the guidelines stated in the Policy. The Town's Procurement Policy, Standard Terms and Conditions, Definitions and Supplier Code of Conduct from a part of each bid document and apply in like force to contracts or purchase orders for the acquisition of all deliverables required by the Town. All offers submitted to the Town will bind respondents to these terms and conditions set forth therein, except as otherwise stated in the bid document.


Surplus assets

All assets that have outlived their useful purpose are disposed through public entities such as and North Toronto Auction.  


Code of ethics

Procurement Services follow the Code of Ethics as outlined by the Ontario Public Buyer’s Association (OPBA)

Supplier code of conduct

To become a Vendor, or continue as a Vendor to the Town, it is a condition that the Supplier Code of Conduct is acknowledged, accepted and compliance to the SCC is enforced within each organization.

The SCC is designed to ensure that the Town’s suppliers, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and business partners enforce safe working conditions, their employees are treated with respect and dignity and that their manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.

The SCC is based on internationally accepted labour standards including the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Failure to comply with this SCC will be sufficient cause for The Town to elect to revoke a Suppliers approved status.

The provisions of this Code are in addition to, and not in lieu of, the provisions of any legal agreement or contract between a Supplier and the Town.  We expect our Suppliers to hold their supply chain, including but not limited to subcontractors and third party labour agencies, to the same standards contained in this SCC. This SCC does not create any third-party beneficiary rights or benefits for suppliers, subcontractors, their respective employees or any other party.

Information for successful vendors

Payment Information: We strive to pay bills in a timely manner using electronic funds transfer (EFT). Upon award of a contract, you should complete and submit the following EFT Enrollment Form along with a void cheque or bank letter to

Invoices should be submitted promptly to as well as the person who ordered the goods/services.