Sewer flushing in Georgina

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The Water Division has started sewer maintenance in order to prevent blockages and sewer backups. Sewer flushing is taking place in south Keswick between Old Homestead and Ravenshoe Road. The crew is taking every precaution possible to avoid any inconvenience but occasional toilet splashes may occur in locations with deficient plumbing. Ensure toilet lids are kept closed when not in use.

The cleaning of sewer pipes is a standard practice throughout all municipalities. Cleaning sewer lines is essential to maintaining a properly functioning sewer system and ensuring the community’s investment in its wastewater infrastructure is maintained. This activity removes grit, sand and gravel from sewer piping to prevent blockages, odour generation and premature wear of mechanical components in the sewer lift stations.

On rare occasions, some households will experience small spills, noises and odours. This can occur where there is a plumbing issue at the private residence. The most common reasons for this is inadequate venting and other non-compliant plumbing code arrangements. If an occurrence is determined to have happened as a result of the reasons noted above, it is suggested a plumber be contacted to identify the problem.

If you would like further information, or have any questions about this, contact the Town directly at 905-476-4301. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.