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Logo for The Link, Georgina’s Community Connection Centre and located at 20849 Dalton Road

Located in Sutton, the Link is a collaborative, community hub bringing people and organizations together under one roof to deliver programs, services and events focused on arts and culture, health and wellness and more.

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What's happening?

New virtual programs and workshops, register now!

We're happy to offer virtual programming and workshops and can't wait to connect with you online. Register now for virtual programs like Kid Chef, adult cooking and crafting.  There is something for everyone.

Kid Chef workshop for Children ages 6-9

Soup Masters for Adults 15+

Bread Basics for Adults 15+

Pasta & Sauces for Adults 15+

Cookies, Bars & Squares for Adults 15+

Dessert Hummus for Adults 15+

Family Kitchen for ages 5 +

Macrame Today Workshop for Adult 15+

Wind Chimes DIY Workshop for Adults 15+

Visit our online registration portal

Rental Information

The Link has an event hallmeeting rooms and programming rooms, an amazing commercial training kitchen and a unique outdoor space. For booking information send us an email or call 905-722-8507.

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20849 Dalton Rd., Sutton