Electronic Signage Form

LED Sign Application Form

The Town of Georgina maintains two electronic signs to promote Town events, activities, programs and services. The signs are located at the Ice Palace and at the corner of Civic Centre Road and Baseline Road.  

Town messages take priority and only six to eight messages are posted at any one time. When space allows, the Town will include approved community-hosted events and activities that occur in Georgina to benefit residents. The Town reserves the right to refuse/decline posting an event or remove an event at any time, without notice.

Space is limited and content must fit on a single screen, be a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces) per line with a two-line maximum.
Line 1: Slopestyle @ The ROC (20 characters including spaces)
Line 2: March 7, 10am to 3pm (20 characters including spaces)
To have an event considered for inclusion on the Town’s electronic signage, the event must meet at least one of the following criteria and be submitted for consideration no less than 14 business days prior to the event

Event submission criteria
  • Event, public meeting, workshop, etc. hosted by the Town of Georgina  
  • Be organized and funded by another level of government and occur within Georgina
  • Organized by a government-funded agency or board to benefit residents of Georgina and occur within Georgina
  • Funded in full, or in part, by the Town of Georgina or sponsored by the Town of Georgina
  • Organized by a registered charitable organization which operates within the Town of Georgina, or proceeds of the event go to a specific registered charity, which operates within Georgina
  • Organized and hosted by the Region of York to benefit Georgina residents and occurs within Georgina
The Town will not publish events on the electronic signs if they:
  • Are commercial in nature and advertise, promote or sell products or services. 
  • Promote, exhibit, illustrate or manifest hate or obscene content of any kind
  • Do not comply with municipal, provincial or federal legislation
  • Are private events
  • Are religious in nature and are attempting to advertise, promote or sell products or services of a place of worship, or convey messages intending to express religious views, or is information relating to a place of worship
  • Are deemed to be political in nature after the writ has been dropped for a federal or provincial election or after the first day of a municipal election year, excluding all candidate’s meetings
Note the following when completing the event request form:
  • Events must include a specific date, location, start and end time
  • Community events will be posted for a maximum of two weeks or 14 days 
  • The Town is under no obligation to share information about private events/activities occurring on Town property
  • Confirmations will not be sent. Applicants will only be contacted if there are questions about the message
  • We reserve the right to edit a message to be more concise and/or to reflect the Town’s voice, when needed
  • Complete contact information is required for consideration
  • Recurring events must be sent separately
  • This is only a request
Sign Location

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26557 Civic Centre Rd,
Keswick, ON  L4P 3G1

T: 905-476-4301 / 705-437-2210
F: 905-476-8100

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.