Electronic Signage Form

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LED Sign Application Form

Important notes:

  • Content is limited to 1 screen and must be a maximum of 20 characters per line with a 2 line max. – 3 if possible.
  • We will contact you regarding your application ONLY if we have questions regarding your message or if we are unable to post your message.
  • It is not our intent to edit/alter your message; however your message will be edited if we believe that we can make the posting more concise and therefore more effective. We reserve the right to edit your message to reflect the manner in which the Town conveys information.
  • We do our best to accommodate all requests but if demand is high, the number of messages that are posted and/or the duration of the posting may be reduced.
  • We cannot guarantee last minute requests.
  • Take the time to visit the Georgina Ice Palace and the corner of Civic Centre Rd. and Baseline Rd. to see the message that are currently running to get an idea as to how to craft your message.

Electronic Sign Message Example:

Line 1: Slopestyle @ The ROC (20 characters including spaces)
Line 2: March 7, 10am – 3pm (20 characters including spaces)